The Company Offer

Krzysztof Dominski and Thomas Richter founded RIDO Sp. z o.o. (Poznań) in October 1998 and RIDO GmbH (Berlin) in September 2000.


The Employees from RIDO have up 28 years experience in facade planning. We find solutions for even the most difficult tasks in the field of curtain walling, facades, glass roofing and metal construction in general.

Using our up-to-date expertise and our many years of practical experience, we are able to plan to a high level and present excellent solutions for exceptional and innovative architecture. We would be in the position at any time to provide extension of proffessional competence, for example more capacities in AutoCAD and Solid Edge (3D).


  • Co-operation with building contractors, architects and main contractors.
  • Co-operation with metal construction companies.

SCOPE OF WORK / Consultancy

  • Consultancy work for building contractors, architects and main contractors
  • Elaboration of high-grade guiding, informative details.
  • Supervision of planning parties with issue
  • Supervision of production/ quality assurance
  • Hand-over of building (facade)


  • Technical project management from the placing of the contract up to handover
  • Development of new constructions and systems related to specific projects according to company systems or based on the other systems
    (also high rise building systems in element construction type)
  • Project managment – technical
  • Project managment – administrative
  • Production of section drawings – elevations – floor plans
  • Co-ordination with structual engineers (statics)
  • Production of examinable structual calculations to an standard
  • Production of examinable structual calculations for special constructions
  • Co-ordination with external offices, such as test institutes and expert consultants
  • Planning works to achieve registration for individual cases or individual items, including coordination
  • Material schedules and procurement according to company specific criteria
  • Elaboration of quotations with or without special technical descriptions
  • Workshop planning with part shedules and positioning according to company-related requirements
  • Production of installation sequencing
  • Elaboration of installation distribution schedule

We have virtually every data transfer media available at our command in order to facilitate the actual physical data transfer.